Organisers: ICA / SPO, Girona City Council and Diputació de Girona
Date: 9 October 2018
Place: Girona, EspaiCaixa Girona – “la Caixa” Obra Social. Plaça Poeta Marquina, 10

Specific aims

In this, the first edition we want to present the vision of nine professionals with outstanding experience linked to sport within their own disciplines: sport, history, journalism, health, and archive – document management.

1. These professionals will contribute their own understanding of the role of sport in society at all levels, as an element transmitting values, integration, change and a desire for achievement, thus enabling others to appreciate its importance.

2. They will thus be a channel of communication that is capable of motivating others and promoting the objectives of ICA / SPO in society, emphasising the need to organise, preserve, disseminate and facilitate access to archives linked to the world of sport.

3. Their contribution to the seminar will be geared to raising awareness among all those involved in the world of sport (clubs, federations and national and international organizations, companies, sponsors, doctors, physiotherapists, journalists, historians, archivists, engineers, referees, coaches, teachers, etc.) of the importance of preserving documents that make up an essential part of a country’s collective memory.

4. Their presentations will highlight the ways in which they manage, use and exploit the documentation and information they have accumulated personally and professionally over the years.

Informations :